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To “Bundh” or Not to “Bundh”

3 Oct (11 pm). We are the best nation at it! None can beat us. At whiling away our time, and squandering others’ property. Call it ‘bundh’ or ‘strike’ or whatever you wish. Politicians and pseudo patriots have it all.

We are back to what we can do the best and most unscrupulously! Strike at others’ expense. We have proved it time and again. Tomorrow is just one more ‘bundh’, JUST ONE MORE BUNDH. If a hundred lives are lost, they are not ours – somebody else’s! If a hundred crore rupees are lost in the bargain, who cares? Government? The last one to!  The public? If have any voice! The companies? They have hardly any time and resources to waste going after litigations! Common wo/man? If at s/he has a voice to be heard!

What else can we do? Now that mid-term-elections (like mid-term-exams for students) are in the offing in Karnataka, political parties are trying to prove one better than the other. Hence, they call for bundhs.

In the meantime, we will hundreds of crores of rupees tomorrow  -in less than 12 hours! The government, companies and firms will have to pay no matter bundh or no bundh. But there won’t be any production taking place! There will be short supply of goods and commodities, and prices will see upward rise. There won’t be transport – even private vehicles will not dare venture out – for the fear of stones from pseudo patriots. It is as if damaging  national goods and national (real) pride and its people, future, and means of survival is the only way know to express their patriotism.

Why cannot our politicians and pseudo patriots work a bit harder and longer with black badges (or whatever they want) to show their displeasure to the Central Govt? By distroying our private and public property, and forcing laziness, eschewing work, we are making ourselves weak!

Of course, politicians come and go; they hardly bother about the good of people. They get their fill – at the expense of government and people. At least, people could think of their future? their country? novel ways of protest (a la Munna Bhai – Lage Raho?)!

I really wish to be freed from chota mota politicians who take our country for ransom in the name of national pride, state-determination, desi samskriti! God save us!


News From Fr Eugene

3 Oct., 10.30 pm. I visited Fr Eugene this evening. He is very fresh and sprightly! Besides, numerous friends, well wishers and acquaintances keep him on his toes, in his hospital bed! He hopes to return home on 4 October. Thank you for your visits, wishes and prayer. We only hope, he will in his shoes, at the earliest!

Dept Blot Records 4000 Hits !!

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Want to know about the Documentary Filmmaking Workshop (23 Oct-29 Oct)? You will find details there on 25 August posting. For more information contact richiersj@yahoo.com

It may not seem a big achievement, by CNN or Wikipidea standards. No no millions of hits a day. But consider this: a simple blog, done in the least glamorous fashion, circulating views and news of a less known mortal beyond his class walls – records 4,008 hits in about 11 months! That is http://www.richardrego.blogspot.com ! This is a small indication of the people’s (our visitor’s) quest for news and sincere views – about his college, department, or any personal beliefs!

Over the months I have noticed an increased trafffic to this lowly blog – from my students, to individuals, to groups/ companies. They have found this blog reliable, authentic, and ‘right there’ – up-to-the-minute!

Maintaining a blog is not the easiest things in life, I have learnt it the hard way! Sometimes, I have spent 2-3 hours every day to update the two little blogs with news items and photos! That is the fun; that is one thing I can pride in. And I am happy about it; I will be happy about it.

A similar thing applies to http://www.sacjournalism.blogspot.com (now trying various options with domains such as awardspace.com, freehostia.com, etc. in our search for best availabe host). In any case, when you log on to this old blog(spot), you will be automatically redirected to the new blog; you don’t have worry about it.

By the by, this blog has registered 3527 hits in about the same period (11 months). This has been basically a College news blog – giving a bird’s eye view to our friends, benefactors, alumni-alumnae, and well wishers. Besides, the blog has given some precious training to my students in practicing their academic studies – reporting and photography. Some have already made a transition to other professional media – drawing much attention from the public (thanks to our friends from media!!!). Our two blogs have served my students, the college, and all those associated in some way or the other, a great deal. Journalism has come to grass roots; alternative journalism has proved quite a revelation.

I am grateful to our blog-visitors [who range from India (almost every state) to USA, UK, Australia, Singapore, Hongkong, Mexico, etc…. some unknown countries too! A few have been generous with their suggestions (some constructive ones, I mean)]. I welcome them all. I thank you for your faith in me, in my Department of Journalism, in our Alma Mater (SAC).

I have already moved to http://www.richardrego.wordpress.com. But this blog(spot) will continue to bear the archive, besides, redirecting you to my new host/ domain (in the near future). Similarly, http://www.sacjournalism.freehostia.com. We have Ms Sindhu S, one of my student friends, who takes extra trouble and great interest in giving a better look and feel to our blogs. Her contribution to our Department and St Aloysius College will always be much appreciated and cherished.

Here, then, we go bloggin…