Daily Archives: 5 October 2006

Section 144 in Mangalore

5 Oct. 5.00 pm
The DC has imposed section 144 for three days till 7 October. It means, schools and colleges are likely to be closed for the next three days.


Is Mangalore on Gujarat Way?

5 Oct. Mangalore was once known for its forward-looking approach – educated (even if some of them not literate) men and women full of life and sense,  sensitive to others, capable of thinking and articulating…
Today it has all changed; or so it looks. Unruly elements rule the roost. For someone’s petty interests the bustling city is paying the price.
Bundhs and hartals at will (of vested interests)  Any small little thing is given a communal tinge. In the name of innocent are troubled, harrassed, and even threatened to life! For what purpose?

Some petty gossips, some petty issues like cows! Don’t human beings have more value than cows and cattle? Don’t poor people and those who want to develop their business concerns in making the districts/ state/ nation prosperous have a right to live peacefully?
Undergraduate students (First Semester) are preparing themselves to answer their First Semester exams in another two weeks. Colleges and schools are in a hurry to complete their lessons. Many of the educational institutions are busy with fests and programmes, in which they have invested huge sums of money and human resources. And suddenly come some organisations to declare “MANGALORE Bundh”. In stead, they could keep their hands and legs and mouths bundh! Why trouble others whose concerns are their life and their future?

When will we get rid of this madness of troubling and harrassing others? Holding the public to  ransom? How can anybody take law into HIS hands? If that can be done, then why is there a government (if it is active)? Questions are so many! And many more!

Going by the indications, our beloved and peaceful Mangalore seems to on its way to become another Gujarat – a laboratory for communal experiments, wherein the monstrosity of Mody saw thousands of innocents lose their lives to keep the tyrant in power. We don’t deserve such leaders. Please spare us such ignominy.

Our educated public is fast asleep in their comfortable slumber. Will the Administration and moreso our esteemed judiciary take up the issue?