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Mangalore Under Curfew… Common People Held to Ransom

6 Oct. 10.45 pm. I had gone to Fr Muller Hospital to admit my brother, who suffered a head injury in a freak bike accident. He has suffered some damage. Requires surgery. He also needs blood for it, tomorrow morning.

While returning at 9.45 pm, I felt I was walking in necropolis – land of the dead, or land of devils! Hardly anybody on the roads, except police, chasing anyone moving around. That was just at the circle next to Kankanady hospital! someone told me curfew has been imposed. After requesting a policeman, we were allowed to proceed.

Now, how will I move tomorrow to tend to my brother who is battling for life in the hospital? How will my mother, brother and sister come from a distant place to be with him? How will hundreds/ thousand of common people take care of their sick, hungry? Will political parties who have caused this mischief, psuedo-religionists, and nasty cultural/ heritage police give us back our near and dear ones?

A 48-hour curfew has been enforced in some parts of Mangalore. There have some reports of stabbing, stone pelting and attacks. As a resut, there is tension in the air.

In the meantime, even in the city, curfew has ben declared till 6.00 am, on 7 October. All school-colleges will remain closed for some more time.Let us pray for peace and sense!


Mangalore Calm

6 Oct. Mangalore seems to be limping to normal. Early in the morning, there are hardly any buses, hundreds of people along the roads waiting for public transport. As this write up goes to web-post, one can hear the sounds of buses plying.

I hope, common sense prevails among the people, especially their leaders. May their self interests give way to the common good. Anyway, these psuedo leaders deserve the harshest punishment for unleasing a reign of terror.

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