Daily Archives: 23 October 2006

SAC Campus Comes Alive…

23 Oct. Two events lit up the College Campus – RexBand and Documentary Workshop.

The morning began with the nearby mosque crying out to God aloud – announcing to the world that it Eid-ul-Fitr. The campus was filled with the cars of the devotees; probably a thousand. When the police find it difficult to control the traffic, they divert it to the College campus, and forget their duty! There was hardly any space in the campus.

Then came the much awaited event – the National level Documentary Film Making Workshop; Mr P N Ramachandra was already in station. The Goans were in time, too. The workshop began in time – a characteristic of the Dept of Journalism.

The first day had much to delight the students – young and old alike. It was filled with excercises – camera basics and outdoor lighting (without going into the nitty gritty of the theoretical burdens). Then the students went round the campus with cameras in their hands, shooting. They returned only in the afternoon, all tired!

What followed was, perhaps , the most fulfilling aspect of the workshop -detailed analysis of their work – why some shot is good, why some is not, and how that could be improved…

And then came the soulful music – RexBand – one of the perfect blend of Eastern and Western music. The way those people got the crowd involved in the music was absolutely a revelation.

Well, my favourite was Alphonsus, the darling of the Malayalam film music industry. He was adjudged the Best Music Director and won the Film Critic’s award; and here is he to feed the souls of people. His voice is simply melifluous, and the timbre of his voice simply unbeatable!

The 4-5,000 odd crowd dispersed only after 9.15 pm, after the last song was sung! We need many more such music bands