Daily Archives: 24 October 2006

Second Day of Film Workshop

24 Oct. As the second day of the National Level Workshop began, participants felt they are running short of time. You get it? Things are becoming interesting for them; they feel the heat, in next six days, they will have to leave!

After yesterday’s rushes’ analysis, today the participants did some more excercies for camera and outdoor light handling, and the results were there for all to see! Great improvement.

The participants watched the ZOO, a documentary by Bert Hanstra; they analysed the short documentary for sequencing and structure. It, then, was followed by brief input on sequencing and structuring documentary. Participants zeroed in on  a topic for their final project. They spent the afternoon on recce! Researching the locations, planning their movie.

Well, what did Yours Truly did, you think? He had a good cinematic time with Mr P N Ramchandra. Both of them watched Mooru Darigalu and Mane by Girish Kasaravalli, and had long discussion spilling over late supper! How are these movies seen from a trained film maker’s perspective? That was quite an experience; and those cinematic tea, coffee, lunch and supper! Yours Truly is enjoying, being at the helm, head aches and full full minds!