Daily Archives: 25 October 2006

Shooting the Stuff – Workshop

25 Oct. After a relatively long break, some students are back to the campus, albeit for two days! We had some classes, even for just a few students. Tomorrow evening will be their last class hour before December 4.

Workshop is going great guns! Two more girls from Goa joined the workshop (the delayed ones!)  The students were out shooting. One team went out to shoot at 5 am to the fisher folk, and by 6 am they call me from the trawler! Enthusiastic bunch!

The other group went around scanning road in Mangalore! They got such a candid and rare shot – passengers actually pushing their bus  out of the pot hole! That is Kankanady. In another place, they did  not dar open the camera for the fear of harming camera due to dust!

The third group, with fear and trembling went to the riot-stricken areas of Mangalore, plus met some officials to gain an insight into the recent communal riots.

The fourth group did some sting operation en route to Sultan Battery – the long forgotten tourist spot of Mangalore. When some of those who returned reported their experiences and showed their footage, it was nothing but admiration for their zest and determination! Sure, on Sunday you will have a documentary feast awaiting you! Do join us at 11 a.m. in the College Teletorium. It will be a short doucmentary film festival.