Daily Archives: 28 October 2006

Touching Tomorrow…

28 October. We are almost touching tomorrow. Expectations are rife. Ripe. Tomorrow will tell us one another what we have done.

Well, being on the other side of the fence, I do know what it looks life. But for participants of the Documentary Filmmaking Workshop, it is a day of great anxiety. And to many, anxiety has peaked already last night.

Some of them did not sleep; they preferred to work in the Department the whole night; they left for home at 7.30 in the morning; and were back at 10.00 a.m. What do you call this – anxiety? passion ? craze? dedication? Call it whatever you wish. They are AT IT.

As of now, one group has completed their movie. Second group will complete it any time now (past 10.00 p.m.); the third and the fourth group are working like women and men possessed! They have decided they will not blink their eyes till they complete their project!

I wish all of you are there tomorrow sharp at 11 a.m. to watch these movies – on Mangalore riots, mangalore roads, a day in the sea, and Sultan Batter. It is a public screening. Some VIPs are expected… Mr Richard Castelino, a famous film maker will be our chief guest. Do join in. I would like to see you.