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A Great Day at SAC High School

30 Nov. SAC High School is celebrating its School Day on 1 December. Lots of preparations.

Programme begins at 4.30 PM with orchestra. You are welcome.

Valuation work is coming to a close; by tomorrow noon Journalism will be done with; others are not far behind!


Prof Ramachandra Dev in the Campus

29 Nov. We have a new guest in the Campus – Prof. Ramachandra Dev from Canada. He is a very special guest of ours, and a benefactor.

Today, he inaugurated a Cybercentre at the IT Block.  More news to follows.

As for me, Journalism teachers are still busy with valuations! Fortunately, we have one more teacher from  Bangalore as valuer; else -God alone knows- when ew would complete the job!  But valuing those script is pure fun, if you are in a mood to enjoy those unbeatable academic jokes!

Fr Gilbert’s Father Expires

27 Nov. Rev Fr Gilbert Saldanha SJ (Headmaster of SAC High School) lost his father today. He was in his 80’s. Recently, he fell down and suffered a fracture.
His funeral will be in Nirmarga (his parish) tomorrow (Tuesday) morning. May his soul rest in peace.

* For those who have written their examinations, valuations have begun.

* I was busy with ICPA’s zonal meeting planning committee. Managed to get a good resource person to be the Chief Guest,  and key note address giver.

On that we will be screening “Conflict Zones” (Ms Suman Mendonca, Mahima, Sangeetha & team) and  “Where is the Road?” (Arron, Sindhu MV & team) – two short documentaries made during the National Level Documentary Filmmaking Workshop.

Blog Scores a Thousand Hits

26 Nov. There is something nice to be known – this blog has recorded 1000 hits in less than two months. Though this blog shows archives dating from October 2005, they are all back-up from the and When it was feared that freehostia would ditch us because of its Indo-phobia, we had taken the back of all our blogs so that we will have some record for the future. Here we are!

Thank you for your regular visits, comments, and encouragement. I will try to be as prompt as possible (within my limits) and informative as possible.

Today there was Lorna Show in the College grounds, besides the fancy fete organised by the SAC Primary school.

Celebrating Silver Jubilee

Adarsh High School. That is my Alma Mater. This is the siver jubilee year of my Alma Mater. I came to know about the celebrations from newspapers. How I wished to be there!

The other day, someone asked me to pen my nostalgia for the school for their silver jubilee souvenir. I wish I could. But I would rather prefer to be ALSO THEERE for the celebrations than just be an anonymous writer. After all, I belong to  the first batch of the school – I remember carrying those bricks and mortar for the school building, even when studying in the presbytory and in a corner of the Holy Cross Church. Probably, we spent more time working for the new building than studying in the class rooms. And isn’t that reason enough to be there for the celebration of the Silver Jubilee…

I would have loved to be there. I wanted to be there!

PreUnique Concluded, Fancy Fete Opens

25 Nov. Even as Preunique, the unique venture of the SAC PU came to a grand finale, the tiny tots of SAC Middle & Primary School arranged a two day fancy fete. The fete was inaugurated by Rev Fr Gilbert Saldanha, the Headmaster of SAC High School.  You just cant explain the joy of the tiny tots…

And SAC is gearing herself for a mega event on Sunday – the Lorna Show. It is a eagerly waited for event. Ground is being readied. Be there at SAC at 6.00 pm sharp!

New Student Editors for Blogs

24 Nov. I have been uploading the blogs of the department and my own, for over a year, now, sometimes uploading 3-4 times a day. That has made a lot of difference to many people around – my students, former students, friends and benefactors. I have  learnt much in the bargain.

Now it is time to hand over the reign of the blogs to my students. Abrar and Arron have come forward to shoulder this responsibility of uploading the blogs (both the blogspot blogs). It is a massive task, demands much dedication, time and energy. But given their dedication, they would surely do a good job, under the able guidance of Ms Suman. I congratulate them and wish them well.

However, I will be updating my wordpress blog, myself.

Activities Galore

24 Nov. PUC and SAC institutions … hogged the limelight today.

PUC’s preunique has begun on a unique way. Most ex-PUC’s would like to read about it. You would find it on with photos on

There has begun a unique seminr for SAC institutions’ teachers: training to be counsellors, what you might call “Barefeet Counsellors” – to cultivate an art of “listening” and understanding. Twenty four lecturers are selected to undergo this two  day workshop.

As for me, not bad at all. Yesterday finished a CT Scan; good news. Then today another (opthalimc) test; better news (for those who have mixed feelings regarding my eyes!) And then, doctor’s advice “Sleep sufficient; rest enough!” That one thing one followed literally, today! And it felt good…