Rahul Gandhi & Media People

27 Mar. Mr Rahul Gandhi came to Mangalore. And there was commotion. They were not allowed to meet him or enter his meeting hall. The scribes were angry; they staged a protest!
So what? Is meeting Rahul Gandhi such an important thing? If they journos really care, why could they not blank out his news?

Oh, yea, they don’t want to miss the news – it is business component! They want to have their cake and eat it too!

And after all, what is so special about Rahul? Another politician. Media is so obsessed with Rahul. Because they see the future prime minister in him! Do they care for a lesser human? Aren’t there hundreds of new people coming  to Mangalore? Why they be given importance?

If business is the concern, then pay for it – don’t make it a big issue in the name society or democrcay – nobody really cares for them!  These are words much abused for one’s selfish gains.

My day went on very well, without watching, meeting Rahul, though I was just few metres away – a stones’s throw away (just opposite Town Hall).


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