Community Radio: A Few Good Souls in Delhi

25 Apr. I have been trying for the last 10-15 days to locate the application for SACFA clearance and frequency allocation; just could not get them on the sites, as the Ministry of Communications had suggested. Some of my colleagues tried with the same results. That is for our Community Radio

Finally, I asked one of my friends from Delhi to help me; he was kind enough to keep it short: collect 2 telephone numbers from MTNL phone directory and pass on to me, with the officials’ names.

That was the beginning of a few good souls in Delhi – in Central Government offices – amidst much hype, anxiety, and negativity.

But I got -from one number to another to yet another to fourth and the fifth. But I kept getting numbers and contacts; not at all bad, I said.

One of them was real sweet! He was patient enough to listen to my long grievances over an STD. Then suggested me a few things; when those did not work (by the by he was online, I was online, doing the same thing, and he guiding me!), he asked me to wait and try again, try on other machines, try on other internet service providers, etc.

He even gave me his mobile number

In the meantime, I kept trying (morning to late night – 10.30!), and kept disturbing one official or the other.  It paid! Finally, I got in touch with this my friendly official – who again got online for me; when that did not work, he asked me to contact him at home (“even if I don’t have internet at home!”) at night – upto 10.30 pm!

In the meantime, I searched the web & my some good colleagues (Mr Ravi Swamy) to look for latitude, longitude, altitude of Mangalore & SAC. Got ready with all the technical details -as many as I could- those which this friendly official asked me to be ready with – after he had given whatever details he had. Called this man at 10 pm (after many failed STDs); he once again was so generous and willing to help me – to my good luck, the internet pages also refreshed quickly.

And then I got the message: “Successful” – your application is being processed!

Next few days will tell us about the “Radio Aloysius” – its frequency and other technical details.

You would be happy to know that the equipment -including a sound studio- are in the pipeline!

Hei, there! Does not it look awesome? I am thrilled – Today I have been online from 7.30 am till 2.30 am (over 17 hours!)

And all this goes to the College – STUDENTS. You are the lucky ones, happy ones, privileged ones…


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