Daily Archives: 2 March 2009

Attack on Sri Lankan Cricketers in Pak

3 Mar. It comes with very sad news. This time a heinous terrorist attack on cricketers in Pakistan. Sri Lankan cricketers who had gone with a hope to entertain and make some difference to people with trust in Pakistan’s ability to provide protection have been the victims of terrorism.

As the Sri Lankan cricketers were entering the Gaddafi Stadium, where a test match is going on between the host country and the Lankans,  a dozen armed men attacked them, in the Mumbai attack (26/11) style. In the process, six Lankan cricketers are injured, besides three cops losing their lives. It is unfortunate. It is a dastardly act. Needs to be condemned by every one.

Pakistan is a known hot bed of terrorist activities. Much of the blame has to be borne by the governments there. It looks, they have been encouraging terrorism. Recent agreement with Taliban is a case in point.

Any government which supports any form of terrorism (in the name of jihad, religion, culture, revenge, etc) is bound to collapse under its own weight. It is our failure to learn from history that makes us blind to this fact.

We have an important lesson here: either contain terrorism or succumb to it! Terrorism both from outside and from inside. There should be only one rule: rule of the Constitutional law. Nothing else should be allowed to prevail at any cost. If allowed, we will defeat ourselves. And then to regret we will not exist!


Gangolli: Church Attacked

2 March. The wave of communalism continues unabated in Karnataka. On 28th February night, some miscreants -suspected to be the usual suspects- desecrated the Conception Church in Gangolli, in Udupi district.

The statue of St Bernadette was broken into pieces and thrown out. When the people came for Sunday Mass, they were shocked to see this.

Karnataka, specially the coastal region, has a recent history of communal attacks on minorities, women, and vulnerable sections. This trend has gained extra momentum after the BJP came to power. While the home minister (who hails from Udupi district!) is busy speaking for the communal elements and defending them, the chief minister is busy visiting every hindu mutt and temple, doling out hundreds of crores of rupees (of the public money) to temples, falling at the feet of every seer, and accusing minorities.

Yet, the state administration (do you expect the district administration to speak up?) not spoken up. It looks, they want it since the elections are announced – it might (they suppose) help their electoral gains! The pejavar mutt seer also called for a Hindu vote bank. What more shame you want?

Fortunately, the Hindu community is not so mean as the politicians and religious politicians expect them to be

Elections, BJP & Dalits

2 March. General elections for the 15th Lok Sabha have been announced. They begin on 23rd  April in five phases till 13th May. Then there are three before counting votes (16). Before 2nd June 15th Lok Sabha will be constituted.

In the meantime, the BJP has rasied its pitch. The party which -the other day was screeming for Ram Temple in Ayodhya (the very mistake of Advani which divided the country along religious lines)-, has started shouting “Ambedkar!” -the very antithesis of this Hindutva brigade now! Just can’t imagine, how dirty a political outfit can get. ANYTHING for power – demolition of places of worship, killing innocents in thousands as in Gujarat, gang-rape of women, oppression of dalits and tribals, desecrating churches and worship-places, throwing public money to temples/ mutts for cheap popularity,  you list any crime and there you have BJP .. at the centre of it all.

Wherever BJP has been in power, it has proved that it will create any lawless situation to garner votes.

Personally, I am cynical about any political party – be it Congress, Communists, JD, TC, etc. But I don’t think BJP, which now is shedding crocodile tears over Ambedkar (whose race was dehumanised for over 4,000 years by the upper castes for power), should rule a secular country like India.  Our experience with BJP/ NDA for 6 years at the Centre and in many states has been pathetic to say the least.

Now, will crying for Ambdedkar, pretending to work for dalit cause, etc help BJP? Did it not fool minorities in Karnataka the same way – finally persecuting them? Did it not unsettle Orissa – taking entire democracy for ransom? Gujarat? Less said the better about it!