Special Correspondent  (The Hindu, 08.03.2009)

BANGALORE: Archbishop of Bangalore Rev. Bernard Moras has said that the Hindu Jagarana Vedike has painted several venomous messages on walls in public places of the city and urged Governor Rameshwar Thakur to direct the Government to efface them to maintain communal harmony.

The Archbishop called upon the Governor at Raj Bhavan on Friday evening and said the vedike had indulged in hate campaign against Christians and written several venomous messages stating that the community had indulged in forcible conversions and was associated with terrorists and terrorism.

“These hate campaigns are bound to spread to other parts of the State as well as there seems to be an organised attempt to defame, demonise and create anti-Christian atmosphere,” the memorandum said.

“The Christian community is in the season of fasting and prayer in preparation for the Holy Week that precedes Easter celebration.

I foresee this venom spewed against the Christian community will continue and even get worse.

I see the possibility of disturbances during our prayer services,” the Archbishop said.


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