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High School Passing Out Parade

12 Mar. Watch this Passing Out Parade of the St Aloysius College High School



Yeddyurappa’s Son and Religious Politics

11 Mar. For a long time, hereditory politics was the patrimony of the Congress. Criticising this, BJP made its days – for quite a few years. Neither the Congress nor the BJP introspected.

But the party which has been shamelessly criticising others, has threw all shame to the winds. It has been promoting its own sons and daughters, nephews and nieces.

The latest is the Karnataka chief minister – first he said he would not give ticket to his son to contest the Lok Sabha elections. But come elections: Yeddyurappa cancelled the all important meeting called by (and the date fixed by CM himself) the Union Home Minister and went to Delhi to lobby for his son! Love of the son into politics is much more important to this CM, and not the security of the State – the pet agenda of the BJP for the last few years!

This very same CM has been doling out money to the Hindu Mutts and trusts. Public money/ tax payers money is irresponsibily doled out to some religious organisation! Mr S.L. Bhairappa, in which country can such meanness, religious fundamentalism by elected representatives take place? Unfortunate to say the least. It is the worst possible humiliation to the Sovereignty, Secularism of Indians.

Bajrang Dal Threatens Journalist

11 Mar. Activists of Bajrang Dal today threatened a journalist of The Hindu, giving him a life threat if he did not “side” with them.

This morning, Mr Samvartha -journalist with The Hindu- was travelling by bus to Mangalore. As he came to the Bunts Hostel, he saw massive decorations of Hindu Samajotsava -saffron flags. There was terrible traffic jam during office hours due to the bajrang dal tamasha. The bajrang dal activists stopped every bus and troubled them. Samvartha got down from the bus and tried inquiring about this (with the permission of his office). And then came the bajrang dal activists – they confronted him. They threatened him saying, if he wanted to live and work in Mangalore, he had to be WITH THEM. Else they would break his legs!

The newspaper has filed a complaint with the poilce.

This is intimidation and black mailing. Such unconstitutional and cowardly acts should stop. There has been a hate campaign against those who profess and live democratic/ constitutional values. Electorate must realise and punish such anti social/ anti-constitutional forces.