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MSW Seminar on Violence


Charlie Chaplin – a Christian & Foreigner!

13 Mar. It is ridiculous. Mr Hemant Hegde -film director- was shooting a Kannada film “Houseful” in Byndoor (beyond Udupi/ Kundapur). He had to have a 35 feet tall statue of comedian Charlie Chaplin in his film. But the saffron brigade stopped him. No matter how the film crew pleaded the cause of the statue in the film, the outfits said that Charlie Chaplin is a Christian and a foreigner. Hence his statue should not be installed there and he should not be honoured that way! No amount of convincing helped – even a promise to leave the statue for the shooting location so that the place will become a tourist attraction.

The film crew had to abandon the film shooting, since the statue was central to the film!

The police refused to register a complaint. They said if lodged, they will never be able to shoot a film in coastal region, since it would be considered to give rise to law and order problem!

Anything more ridiculous? When Hegde appealed to others for support, they are asking for complaint and FIR details!

Who is in charge of law and order situation in Karnataka? Who decides what should be done or not?

BJP (Yeddyurappa) to whom his son’s ticket to contest Lok Sabha election is more important than the safety and security of the state (hence he skipped the Union Home Minister’s meeting on 4th, 5th, and 8th of March, 09), seems to handed over the reigns of the state in the hands of these saffron outfits! Mockery of democracy!

SAPUC and the Hate Politics of Saffron Brigade

13 Mar. One drama is over – jointly enacted by the parents of the irresponsible PUC kids, may be even the parents who have spoilt their children. Some thought that they can get away with their/ their children’s misbehaviour easily.

They must have thought the saffronised media, the dubba-channels will get over their guilt. They did not.

Why did the saffron media and the anti-minority outfits not mention a word about similar instances at Sharada and Canara colleges? In the last week similar stern action was taken by Sheshadripuram college Bangalore, and the college was proved right. No fanatic went there to agitate and spoil the name of the college! Why only at St Aloysius? And after all the pocketing the officials, what did they gain? It only proved that St Aloysius is right, its records are perfect, it does not believe in any making any distinction! But the entire issue of implementing government rules is communalised!

That beside: what business did the abvp have inside the campus? what business does the notorious bajrang dal have? and whatever vedike – in an educational institution? Why not agitate in their own institutions which have worse cases of violations? Elections are beckoning the bjp and the sangh parivar? If that is the agenda, sangh will meet its waterloo! For sure. People will never tolerate dirty politics.