Daily Archives: 14 March 2009

St Aloysius PU College Problem Gets Muddy

14 Mar. Did you think the problems created at St Aloysius PUC are resolved? They may have. But some elements simply do allow that to happen. In the first place, if the students had been “students” in the real sense of the word, these dirty scenes would not have arisen.

Today (Saturday) things got a bit more nasty.

A gang of 30-40 people -all men with one girl student- barged into the Principal’s office. Fortunately, they could not meet the principal, since they came after the office hours.

Though our staff blocked them, they managed to barge in . The staff who saw them from close quarters say, they were armed with knives! The gang was thoroughly inebriated with liquor.

They demanded that the hall tickets be given. Else, they threatened, the principal and the college buildings would have to face the wrath!

Among the crowd were noticed four students who are not qualified to get the hall ticket due to massive lack of attendance. The lone girl among the boys, in the forefront, was Ms Varsha Shetty, who gave an interveiw on TV9 channel, yesterday accusing the Principal and the College with all the since and offences anyone could think of on earth!

Varsha runs short of attendance badly – that is even after the DDPUE added 13 days of extra attendance -yesterday- generously, she could not make up 75%! And she and her mother, have been making this a communal issue.

For facts: There are 12 students who have not got hall tickets, in spite of the politicians and bureacrats intervening. Among them six hindus, four christians and two muslims! Just imagine – this is construed as communal!

Nobody speaks of Sharada or Canara college who withheld the students’ hall tickets for the same reasons!