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Read a more detailed article on the rece …

Read a more detailed article on the recent disturbance at St Aloysius P.U.College:


16 Mar. It was a quiet day at St Aloysiu …

16 Mar. It was a quiet day at St Aloysius College – both at PUC and Degree sections.
There has been heavy security around the College. On the one hand it is the Education Dept’s concern regarding clean-conduct of examination. On the other, our State and Mangalore district has got enough bad name. The government tried to polarise people along the caste and religious lines – every time it put its foot in its mouth. Every time it had to beat a hasty retreat. Every time it back-fired badly.
SAPUC has finished three days of exams. SAC Degree section is busy with second internal exams for the even semester.
Warning: Don’t be under the impression that the trouble is over. Vested interests are just waiting for a opportunity. Just now, they are licking their wounds – they had to face the public ire. They tried to get political patronage – the political bosses tried harassing us through the District educational bosses – (for example, forcefully issuing hall tickets to four students even before checking the records; and then found themselves on the backfoot, and then recovered those forcefully-issued hall tickets!) – it was a fiasco. Some outsiders and a few insiders tried to test their waters; they found the moral strength of St Aloysius is much more their political and muscle power.
We are prepared for the unexpected. That is the price for sticking to values. That is the price for implementing rules and regulations laid down by the government! Just as it happens when you honestly respect and uphold the Constitutional values!