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More Trouble in Mangalore

18 Mar. There is more trouble in Mangalore. Following the Hindu Samajotsava, there have been many instances of people throwing stones at each other, beating and free-for-all.

While some Hindutva brigade accuse a finger at the minorities (some leading Kannada newspapers quote hardcore RSS / BJP leaders, and call them “terrorists” wholesale), most from accused and neutral groups sasy it is the Hindutva people who have been targetting the minority community in their jingoism, fuelled by the politicians and seers on the Hindu Samajotsava dais.

Kaup near Udupi/ Kundapur has been tense following attack on a mosque. A group of crickets returning in a car were attacked and beaten black and blue by the Hindutva brigade. One of the victims ran and fell at the feet of the police for protection; another entered a Hindu house where there was a lady; someone called the fanatic brigade to finish this boy off. The Hindu lady hid the innocent boy and met the fanatic brigade head on with a sickle! That is the difference between Hinduism and Hindutva. A fine example give by this Hindu lady in protecting life!

Puttur (nearly 65 km away from Mangalore) is under section 144 – banning people meeting in groups. A college group had gone to collect data for their studies in Sullia and Puttur. On their way home, while waiting for a bus in Puttur, a gang of 50 attacked the boys and girls because they were from two different communities!

In another place, two days ago, a group of people returning after celebrating their friend’s birthday. They were from two different communities.  A fanatic group beat up the boys badly!

In UP, Varun Gandhi, BJP’s Lok Sabha election candidate has made a terror-filled, intimidating speech – extremely inflammatory, causing much anti-Muslim feeling. How do you call such people “educated”? Thank God, Election Commission has taken the matter seriously! Varun could land up in jail on criminal case, besides being disqualified from contesting!

Many of our self-proclaimed leaders need such and harsher treatment!


Photos: St Aloysius Meets DC

Here are a few low-resolution photos for the blog; the ones below are for those who would like to use them for their media purpose


Low resolution image; the same image on a higher resolution is below
Low resolution image; the same image on a higher resolution is below
Low resolution image; the same image on a higher resolution is below
Low resolution image; the same image on a higher resolution is below
Low resolution image; the same image on a higher resolution is below
Low resolution image; the same image on a higher resolution is below

Jesuits and Old Boys Meet the DC

17 Mar. The St Aloysius College Jesuits with Fr Rector and some prominent old boys met Mr Ponnuraj, the District Commissioner, today.
Rev Fr Francis Serrao, the outgoing Rector, could not meet the newly appointed DC till date. Hence, this was also a courtsey visit. While welcoming the DC to Mangalore and expressing his happiness over his functioning,  Fr Rector briefed him regarding the happenings at St Aloysius Pre University College.
The DC gave a patient hearing to the Rector and also the “Old Boys”. He said, he wanted to know what was happening at SAPUC, hence was in touch with the Deputy Director for Pre University Education (DDPUE), and was happy to know that the SAPUC had only implemented the rules of the Education Department. He conveyed that the DDPUE had confirmed that the records of SAPUE were ‘straight’.
The DC also promised the delegation that nothing will happen now. He said he would look after if anything happens.

[High Resolution Photographs have been deleted due to the uploading / downloading problems. ]

SAPUC Hall Tickets: Further Developments

17 Mar. You are right. St Aloysius P.U.College Hall Ticket drama is not yet over. Further episodes are being dished out – in spite of the “clean” chit given by the Deputy Director of Pre University Education (DDPUE) Mr Gore Guruva!

Yesterday it was rather quiet. Today it seemed so in the morning. But as time passed by, there came Mr Gore Guruva (DDPUE) with another. Once again, that is! After his visit on Friday! Sat in the Principal’s chair  (!!!) and asked the Principal to issue Varsha’s hall ticket.

(Varsha is a girl student who has been trying to use every opportunity to get her hall ticket by hook or crook! In spite of the fact that the DDPUE had told her that she has no claim over it, that the College was right in doing what it did, that it only implemented the State Education Department’s policy!

He wanted her to get extra attendance, -this time- under “sports” category (call it ‘quota’ if you like!)

But Varsha never represented the College in any sports events. So no hall ticket!

Then he tried if Shelton-card, since this boy is a Christian. Shelton did represent the College in a few sports events. But he has been given that attendance and in spite of that he does not qualify for hall ticket. Rule are rules for everybody, even when some vested interests charge us being “communal”.

Then a few more things happened. I will give that update on 19th. Why, you know? Surely not! Wait till then.