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Mangalore – The New Dangerous Look

21 Mar. Some time ago, Mangalore was the epitome of peace, harmony, educated people, reasonable people, and a “nice” place to live in. A Mangalorean was a respected person. A proud person. But it has all changed.

Today things have turned topsy-turvey. A Mangalorean is a disgraced person. Wherever a Mangalorean goes, other ask him/ her “What is happening to your Mangalore?” Thanks to the sangh parivar and its affiliates, specially the BJP and its shameless agenda.

How low a person can stoop to capture power? How immoral and unscrupulous one can get? Example Mangalore! Just now, no one can see the real contours of Mangalore – those dominant traits which every non-Mangalorean envied.

19 instances of communal tensions and struggles (and still counting!) in less than four days, following Hindu Samajotsava! Though the political and fanatic bosses called it ‘Hindu’, many Hindus say it was NOT hindu samajotsava – it is Hindutva’s political-utsava! BJP’s ploy to avoid Model Code of Election.During the ‘samajotsava’ rally, many youngsters were walking/ swinging drunk! I have seen it personally! Many told me. And they did not know why they were going to the Neharu Maidan! Many of them, while returning on open vehicles (=violation of traffic rules!), pelted stones on minority persons, institutions, burnt their religious symbols! Associating these anti-social, anti-national activities is an insult to the majority of peace-loving and respected Hindus! I feel bad for those majority, with whom these outfits are associated! Unfair.

But the BJP and other hard core associations of the parivar with their heads, managed to make the samajotsav explicitly political. They called for a “hindu vote bank”! How can an apparently religious gathering indulge in political activity? How can religious swamys  give politically motivated calls? They spoke of muslim terrorism (the ignorant swamys and political greedies just don’t know that terror does not know religion or terrorists are anti-religion!) Apply the same arguement to sadvi pragya, dayanand, and a host of others who made and exploded bombs and are caught!

They created Christianising-fears among the poor masses, many of whom don’t agree with such anti-social activities of these “self-proclaimed” protectors of Hinduism. It is like breeding enmity between elephants and ants who have lived in harmony for thousands of years!

Sure dirty politics. BJP has already shown what it is capable of! And if it comes to power what worse it can do! Until the day they learn to respect the Constitution of India, until the day they learn to believe in peace and harmony, BJP should be kept away from power.

Mangalore, my heart cries for you. And Mangalorean, I feel pity for you. Mangalore (and Karnataka in general) has been transformed into another Gujarat – worse than Gujarat. It is a dangerous place – transformed into a hate-laboratory of the sangh parivar. Only the people of Karnataka and Mangalore can help themselves – by keeping such elements out of power. That is if you want a peaceful, prosperous, forward looking place to live in.