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RSS makes a distinction between conversions

One of my friends from Pune mailed this article. He is disturbed at the ‘one-sided logic’ of RSS on conversions. I laugh at it: RSS has no logic at all – be it one-sided or more! No capitalist can have logic ; no exploiter can have any logic. If s/he has, how can anyone exploit, oppress, use violence, kill, obstruct, abuse others, etc? No logic. The only logic is “selfishness” at any cost! That is why I laugh the naivetee of this friend!

by Vivek Deshpande . NAGPUR: The RSS on Sunday sought to make a distinction between Buddhism on one side and Christiaity and Islam on the other, saying conversions to the latter were part of larger international designs and hence shouldn’t’t qualify for reservations. “Neo-Buddhists, however, are different. We all know their history. And Buddhism is from here only,” Sahsarkaryawah Madandas Devi told media persons on the last day of RSS’ all-India Pratinidhi Sabha, adding that “reservations to Muslims and Christians will provoke further conversions”. On the last day, the Pratinidhi Sabha passed three resolutions, one of which refers to “policy of religious discrimination” which it said is “dangerous for national integrity”. The resolution says, “all other religious communities have to suffer and compete in an unequal environment as in the case of various loans where they have to cough up 12-14 pc interest for education and 15-18 pc for business, while the so-called minorities get them at 3 pc… The controversial Sachar Committee recommendations have been introduced in the NCERT syllabus for Std VIII students, poisoning their innocent minds. A recent change in its logo from sun and lotus to cross, crescent and star is a testimony to the perverted mindset”. In the resolution to terrorism, the RSS laments that the new anti-terror law and National Investigation Agency have remained toothless in the absence of a clear mandate. The third resolution was on celebrating the 500th anniversary of the coronation of Krishnadevaraya, the emperor of Vijayanagar empire of South Indian.

Link: http://www.indianexpress.com/news/rss-makes-a-distinction-between-conversions/437651/


Gandhi’s Tribe and Diatribe

24 Mar. No matter how much the name Gandhi means to us, there always are some people determined to spoil his name. In this case, of course, a different Gandhi’s name.

The great grandsom of Jawaharlal Nehru -the great secular champion- Varun Gandhi is the grandson of Mrs India Gandhi. What is in a name, afterall? Varun means just that. The exact opposit of all the Gandhis one can find on earth, except -probably- his late father Sanjay Gandhi!

The politically over-ambitious Varun in his true BJP style attacked Muslims. While campaigning in his constituency Philibit, he uttered that he would cut off the hands of anyone who raised his hands on Hindus. Went on with his broadside. Who would have thought that our politics could be so crude? So mean? So criminal? Reach the lowest ebb of nadir?

Well, Varun did not know how to defend himself when the Election Commission (EC) questioned him. He blabbered that the CDs were doctored. He could not deny that the CDs were his! He did not say which part of the CDs was ‘doctored’! He said he was a Gadhi (tragic!), Hindu (sorry, it’s a shame!), and an Indian (oops! did he forget the prefix ‘anti’?) in equal measure! Very antithesis of his great grandfather! But he forgot that he was even faintly acquainted with Indian Constitution.

Unfortunately the EC is helpless – it can’t debar criminals or those making “criminal statements” from contesting elections (just as Sadhu Yadav gets a ticket from the Congress, this time!) There is a criminal case filed against Varun. But will the verdict be out before the elections?

Look at the hypocricy of the BJP: It distanced itself from Varun’s foolish diatribe. But when the EC requested BJP not to nominate him, it attacks the EC! It says the same Varun is its candidate (wow! it means, it can’t find a suitable candidate to contest!)

In another constituency, Mulayam Singh Yadav also has exposed his anti-women, anti-Constitutional colour by threatening a woman officer. He calls her that she is only a woman! Shame, such people should represent us, proud Indians! Don’t we deserve better?