Daily Archives: 25 March 2009

Cricket Vs Democracy

25 Mar. Which is more important? Cricket or Democracy? Lalit Modi and all those capitalists would think cricket – because in IPL – cricket’s fastest buck-making machine- there is instant money. Pots of money.Cheap popularity. Power without responsibility.

Cricket is a craze in India. People may not have two square meals a day; but many of them would not live without watching a cricket match.

The modern day bourgeouis have well-encashed this controversy for their political and economic gains. Not just Lalit Modi -CEO of IPL- but the other Modi who sacrificed over a 1,500 innocent Muslims in Gujarat for power!

Board for Control of Cricket in India (BCCI – the parent body of IPL or Indian Premier League) wants money without paying a paise of tax for the thousands of crores of rupees it extacts from Indians! It with IPL has made providing security to cricket during the all important elections (April – May) an issue. They have shifted IPL-2 to South Africa, stirring a hornet’s nest. They refused to change dates of IPL to accommodate General Elections!

And then, all hell broke loose! All the power-vultures jumped up. BJP has made it an election issue! The tainted Modi of Gujarat pogrom-notoriety severely criticised the Central Government for not giving security to cricket, during elections! He forgot that he himself refused (nay, orchastrated!) security to innocents/ helpless in Gujarat and presided over this massive human massacre. Other BJP ministers were quick to stir public emotions – exploiting Indians’ addiction to cricket!

Which is more important – cricket entertainment or elections which decides the fate of the country? IPL, BCCI, Modi (both), and BJP don’t seem to care for democratic process! They want cricket – for cheap publicity.

In my mind I have no doubts – if any inconveniece is caused to the democratic process in India, I would sacrifice any of the other things to facilitate this sacred process. That is, in spite of my immense interest in cricket! Cricket is no issue at all!