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Firaaq – the Separation

27 Mar. Separation of two communities in Gujarat in the context of Modi-fied massacre of innocent Muslims. At once you experience the haunting  fears of those hunted innocents. Who can  say Nandita Das is a debutant directress!? But the fact is she is, even with this mature cinematic essay located in the backdrop of those shameful riots… Nandita begins with the scene of Muslims burying hordes people in crowds… one of them has a bindi. The man wants to kill the killed corpse!

From there, till Nasiruddin Shah looking for the missing grave… to Anuradha Desai  and  Sameer Shaikh’s inter-religious marriage and the deep-seated fears… fear for life…  and the exceptional love and concern of the Hindu girl with a bindi -who uses it for practical purpose to take advantage  of the horrifying situation for the benefit of this Muslim woman and her baby (hapless Munira and her little infant)… i’t s all fears..

To the young and terrified boy Mohsin  being saved (or wanting to save)  by the lovable Hindu lady Arati  (beautifully and convincingly portrayed by Deepti Naval) … renamed Mohan just to save his life…Deepti Naval is outstanding in her acting as the Hindu housewife haunted by the guild of the Hindutva fundamentalists.. There’s no let up in the hate-box – through thick and thin…  Each frame of Firaaq has that incurable and fearful  hate politics… the participation of district administration…  never to miss out…. a poignant film… not preachy or portaying one as person with many preys… it is the film about many… ‘film based on a thousand true stories,’ as Nandita would begin… worth watching…

EDebutant directress Nandita Das is by no means preachy
Debutant directress Nandita Das is by no means preachy