Daily Archives: 28 March 2009

Maneka & Varun – Sides of the Same Coin

28 Mar. Mother Maneka fights for the rights of animals – if any poor man makes his living using (respectfully) animals in a circus or in films or in a road-show, Maneka gets upset. She cries foul: cruelty to animals. She makes sure that nothing progresses, nothing takes place. Animals and only animals.

Then comes Varun – her son (“hereditary politics” which she and her party BJP have been ridiculing!)- making a highly communal and anti-democratic speech. He wants to cut off Muslims’ hands; he wants to slit Muslims’ throats if he is elected… all the non-sense, anti-Indian remarks (for a power-greedy person country and its citizens are gunea pigs!). And there is a legal problem. The animal- “compassionate” mother applauds; when Varun is arrested the “animal-compassionate” mother makes snide remarks against a Muslim officers for executing Court’s orders!  What a drama in pilibhit – where the mother, son and the communal party scripted a perfect court-arrest! Amidst crude violence and mobocracy.

A mother and a son. Mother preaches compassion and kindness to animals and applauds hate-speach, anti-Constitutional remarks. Son makes cruel and contemptuous remarks against Muslims in his greed for votes. And mother has no problems.

Animals have rights; human beings have no rights, at all! May be because animals can’t call your bluff!

Hypocrisy! Such politicians will ruin the country!