Daily Archives: 29 March 2009

Karnataka SSLC Examinations & Results

30 Mar. Today, 30 March 2009, finals exams for the 10th standard students (SSLC) have started in Karnataka. It is a major milestone for the students, who wish to gain admission to the prestigious institutions for their 11th & 12 standard, and then launch their career-deciding studies later. 

These exams will go on till 6th April. Soon after, valuation work will begin. The Education Department has promised to announce results by 16th May! Not bad at all.

For those wanting to know when will the under graduate (UG or degree courses) will commence for the year 2009-10, here is a hint: PUC (12th std) results will be anounced usually some days before SSLC results. Soon after PUC results in Karnataka, admission are kept open for the students.

Good luck, students. Do well in your SSLC examinations. OK?


God Save Our Country

29 Mar.  Elections are fast approaching. Unlike other elections, these elections have generated extra interest among people. Not because people have grown any more than before, but because politicians have taken the political sphere to such shameless levels. 

Every party is fielding some thugs and criminals. At least those who are involved in some cases…. cheating… rioting/ social unrest… There seems to be a race among parties to give tickets…

Take for example, the Congress. In Bihar, the Congress has given ticket to an MP (formerly with Laloo Prasad). The MP spends his time in the jail, not in the parliament! Has umpteen number of criminal cases. And there are many more of them. 

BJP has a long list of such anti-people fellows, who have shown open contempt to the Constitution. Advani with his  notorious rath yathra and Babri Masjid demolition which has heralded terrorism in India, Narendra Modi with his hands blood-soaked, Yeddyurappa and Acharya with their definite and pronounced anti-minority attitudes (the last three are MLAs, though), and a host of others… Which of them has respected the Constitution of India? And … the terrible Varun with his ‘cut off hands’ and ‘slit throats’ of Muslims propaganda! He is the official candidate of the BJP…! 

I don’t want to list other criminals from other parties like JD, SP, BSP, CPI/ CPM, etc… the list will not end easily. 

In all this, I have no choice… I have to elect someone… the least corrupt, the least dangerous of those in the fray, … the one with the minimum criminal record… 

But I am still hopeful… one day we will learn to choose better leaders… we will live in such a way that our representative will be made acountable. For this time, I am enthusiastic about the elections since it is a fight between the equals… equals in corruption, anti-people, anti-development, etc. We have to choose.