Our Neighbour Bleeds

30 Mar. It’s tragic. Very heinous crime. No civil society should encourage. Pakistan, our good neighbour is bleeding. For over years, India has been the target of terrorist attacks – allegedly from “across the border”. Whoever thought that the terror which allegedly came from Pakistan would hit Pakistan so badly!

A few weeks ago, Sri Lanka cricketers were targetted during a cricket match. Then a few more incidents of bloodshed. Earlier there have been blood baths.. Benazir Bhutto, for examples paid through her life!

But today’s terrorist attack is too  much. Something like our Mumbai attacks on 26 November…. over a dozen police personnel killed… over 500 taken hostage from the police academy… and four terrorists themselves killed…. six arrested… It looks, entire Pakistan is rocked by these attacks. That sends terror shocks across India, too. To remind that is not too far away! Just 12 km away from Indian border.  And at a time when India is in the election mood….

The government, intelligence, political-executive machinery should work overtime. In the interest of the country. In the interest of a safe world. 

Ultimately, human lives are precious. Their property, peace, prosperity is very important. 

May there be peace everywhere. May there be quiet.  My harshest condemnations at this heinous crime… my sympathies to all the victims who have lost a precious life in their family… who have lived through these shocking times…And prayerful wishes…


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