Daily Archives: 31 March 2009

MCMS: Mass Communication Course

31 Mar. It’s official: the post graduate course in Mass Communication offered at St Aloysius College is officially known as Mass Communication and Media Studies, i.e. MCMS. For more information, please visit the “about dept” page on this blog.


Mass Comm Students Protest Rights Violation

31 Mar. The students on the streets. That is what sends strong signals to those playing with basic rights. 

Our post graduation students, with other post graduates like MSW and English, went in procession from Nehru Maidan to District Commissioner’s office. They held a rally there – students voicing their protest and disapproval the way some extremist elements interfering violently in public and private life imposing their own ideology. The students shouted slogans demanding democracy be respected and freedom be allowed to live. 

After the MSW students put up a street play portraying Freedom of Speech and Expression violation, Mr Ismat Fazir, writer and a part of Komu Sauharda Vedike, spoke on Charlie Chaplin as the artist beyond religion and geography. 

The students with their teachers, met the DC and submitted a memorandum (through him to) the President of India, Prime Minister, Chief Minister of Karnataka, and Governor. 



My Election ID Card

31 Mar. On the last day of March, I had some good news and some bad. Good news is that, after the officials told me that my photo is missing in their voter list (how on earth! It was there last time; it is there on my ID card, but missing on their roll! Could it be a deliberate miracle – hundreds of them are complaining about such miracles!), I could get my ID card done in ten minutes – just TEN minutes!

Bad news is that, the ID-card-staff while copying  voter information from my earlier card (plus the exact information written by me in capital letters), has managed to make some silly mistakes! It’s OK, since the staff are illiterate! If they can do it to thousands (including to good many in this very campus, why not me?)