Disgusting Politics of Karnataka

21 Nov. Politics is disgusting; not just in Karnataka, but all over India! With Adarsh Housing Society (meant for the Kargil war heroes and their kin being swallowed by politicians), 2G Spectrum running into Rs. 1.76 lakhs crores (Oooooooops! That can feed India all the poor for the next few decades!), black money stacked in Swiss banks running into a few more lakhs crores (we may need to go in search for poor else to spend this money on!) and now Karnataka’s stinking politics! It breeds nothing but contempt for politics and people who enter it!
Karnataka’s politics has never been clean, anytime! Be it under Congress or JD(S) or BJP. But the last couple of years have seen the nadir of social and moral life in Karnataka. Politicians shameless amassing wealth – day night robberies!
Just imagine this: Last years floods in North Karnataka saw people donating (Chief Minister begging in streets of Karnataka) in thousands of crores of rupees – FOR THE VICTIMS OF FLOOD. But the money went down the drain! Not a pai reached the victims. If at all any good was done – it was private parties! Their spiritual sacrifices did some token relief. But the thousands of crores of rupees disappeared into the politicians’ pocket (anyway, it was un-accounted money!)
Now with scam after scam coming to light, the chief minister (CM) refuses to resign. “If my predecessors have done, what’s wrong in I doing?” seems to be his line of argument! Then his relatives (two sons, daughter, son-in-law,etc) return the land grabbed by the CM to save the CM post.
No, doesn’t work.
Then, once again, the CM goes on the offensive! “I own’t quit! I have done no wrong!” He means, corruption, extortion, graft, all are “right”! Therefore, he has done no wrong!
Now, finally, the BJP has decided to replace him with a cleaner man as CM. But the incumbent promises to split the party. Come what may, I want to be the CM!

"If you want, I will sit just like this! But please give me chance to continue as CM for the remainder of the term!"

A cartoon by Chinakurali in Prajavani sums up the drama: Nitin Gadkari (BJP chief) is standing. In front of him, CM Yeddyurappa is sitting on an upside-down chair, with hands folded pleading towards Gadkari. Text reads, “If you want, I will sit this way! But please permit me to continue as the CM for the remaining few months!”


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