Barkha Dutt’s Marriage and the Controversy!

18 Jan. Internet is rife with rumouors that Ms Barkha Dutt, television news program icon to many a tv-buff, is married! That too to a Muslim. That too to a Kashmiri! (triple ‘haw’ji’). Well, for twitter, today, it’s only Barkha, Barkha, and Barkha!!!

I guess, the insinuations are only too obvious to hide the netizens’ prejudices and bias’ against a minority community and to a specific geographical region! What if Barkha marries!

And here is Barkha Dutt vehemently refuting it. In her bid to refute, she tries to evince her love Kashmiri Muslims! Fair enough! Barkha is an inclusivist! But her desperation at the insinuations is quite disturbing!

No doubt, Barkha has done a lot in television journalism, has won many an international and national award for television news and ‘talk-shows’ and even trivialising journalism. About her, you can read something more:


Note from blog Admin:

I don’t agree with / support the attacks on the private life of Ms Barkha Dutt. She has right for her privacy, just as anybody has. I get a few comments on this blog (some anonymous, which are deleted immediately, since the ‘commentator’ has no guts to identify him/herself!) either supporting or attacking these posts. These posts only reflect the activity in the media sphere and not my attitudes and values. I  believe that every person has the right to marry/ love the person of one’s choice – irrespective of one’s caste, creed, geography, and affiliation.


34 thoughts on “Barkha Dutt’s Marriage and the Controversy!

  1. A woman – BURQA DUTT can’t even admit the truth about her marriage – HOW CAN VIEWERS CAN EXPECT TRUTH IN HER REPORTING ?

  2. Barkha Dutt is married to a Kashmiri Muslim named Haseeb Drabu who is a well-known […]
    The comment has been edited to avoid any embarrassing to any party involved. Since I don’t share such language and idea, I would not like to take responsibility for the comment which I consider inappropriate. While appreciating the commentator for this comment, I take responsibility not to have published the same.

  3. who r u to decide whom she shoul marry
    Fair enough. I respect your sentiments.
    But I am afraid you have not understood the post at all. Had you understood, you would not ask this question.

  4. Don’t interfere in her personal matter,she iz a very gud jouranlist and a gud human bieng also,who r u to decide that whom she should had married,we the people of valley respect her very much

  5. Thanks for your affection for Barkha. I am fine with it, as long as you understand English and the post!
    If you had actually understood, you would not have posted what you have!

  6. Rathi, it does not matter if Barkha Dutt is married or not. Or happily or not. The issue is people’s curiosity to peep into others’ private lives!
    Unfortunately, many take it for license to peep into her personal concerns.

  7. Why not she leave the field of journalism because if she thinks that she has right to interfare in everyone’s life than every Indian has a right to interfare in her personal matter. She should clearify her position, why not she make it open that she is married if it is true?

  8. It is everyones business. Everyone has noticed in her different shows, she snubs Hindus and allows Muslims to speak their mind..she is anti Hindu and pro Muslim and I ways wondered why…now I know the answer

  9. This comment wants to say that if media persons like Barkha Dutt can interfere with/ report on people’s private affairs, why not people who watch/ listen to such people have right to know about their personal life?
    Since this particular comment is not in good taste, the same has been edited to convey the message, but not the expression.

  10. She should not discuss kashmir based issues and be biased towards India and Hindus , since she is getting easily influenced by kashmiri muslims and hurriyat , who are stooges of Pakistan and his husband is known to be Hurriyat sympathiser and is a kashmiri muslim.

    Other wise to hell with her personal life.

  11. Anyone who has a public life such as Barkha Dutt cannot make their marriage as personal matter … ppl opinions are biased based on their background


  13. I am big fan of her.. recently came to know that she has changed her religion and her personal life is very much trouble…I don’t want to look into her personal life but at the same time she should aware and take responsible of her life as millions of people give love and respect and young indian following her.

  14. I am a very senior citizen (80) have always admired your TV programs. Your in-depth knowledge & research amazes me.Your anchoring is flawless. Your Kargil coverage was daring but how you ‘managed’ to report ‘direct’ from fault lines, intrigued me but yet I admired it. Your ‘live’ coverage of “Mumbai attack’ at Taj & other places was not appreciated by me because at that instant, I was able to assess that it would provide ‘live’ information to the ‘terrorists’. How you were allowed by our incompetent government took the cake. You ought not to have undertaken that assignment as it hurt india badly.
    I can make out your “Congress / Sonia’ bias but you have right to have but it projects on your persona when you anchor any programme.
    Why I am writing all this is because only today some one commented that you are happily married to a Muslim gentleman from the Valley. I find no reason to take a ‘view’ as it is your life.

    I suggest you continue in your efforts to give a person like me who has very liberal views, totally non-religious’ in politics, am a very honest Hindu accepting all religions as Gods own creation. Though I am a BJP committed voter like my wife, yet, I don’t always approve what sometimes is not practicable, yet, I have no problem with Congress.

    My problem is with Sonia Gandhi & her hold over ‘Congressmen/women’, which she does not deserve. It has to be ‘money power’ as Congress guys just have money as their ‘god’ unfortunately. Her DNA is Italian and in my flying experience of thirty six years, I found Italians very charming and yet dubious. I strongly feel that she is totally ‘remote controlled’ to the detriment of India. I have seen it all from British, Gandhiji, Nehru, Patel & others but today, I hang my head in shame to find scams after scams being ‘justified’ and even ‘promoted’ besides ‘no moral accountability’ by politicians, particularly Sonia & the PM.

    I will love to receive your response, just as ‘feel good’ factor that I connected with Barkha Dutt, the anchor of extreme intelligence. Good luck but be fair & objective and remove bias from your persona as it does not suit you.

  15. i would like you to take challenge with Dr Zakir for the debate. Let see whether it will be objectively discuss. Don’t bring in verses from quran or from any religion. Simply apply common sense currently available logic. As all religion is extremely out dated and does not meet modern standards.
    All religious books have flaws in their standard. However, being an atheist I must compliment that “Hindu” religion is colourful vibrant and multitude of festivities. Whereas, Islam is boring monotonous one track mind, must pray at certain hours. It is too restrictive and straight jacket. The same applies to Christianity and other religions. Hindus, have deepavali, Krishna Jayanti. navaratri Divine Life, Sai Baba, etc all blossom from Hindu pholosophy. Must say it is colourful and every occasion is mention above has joy and happiness to both rich and poor and destitute people.
    It continue evolve at all times. Imagine you can pluck each of these colourful occasions into different flower and put them in the vase as a bunch how beautiful the vase will look.

  16. Barkha has all the right to marry who she wishes to.People commenting on her personal life are very shallow indeed.People who comment abusively about her are nothing but modi chamchas.

  17. @ Blog Admin, When a person, who is a journalist, intrudes into every bodies lives without even seeking permission, then Burqa Begum a.k.a Barkha dutt’s life is not personnel and her private needs to be not only intruded but also scrutinized. She has not been authorised to sermonise majority population of India by anyone. I can go on and on and on but for the time being try too digest the above.

    Ravi Raina

  18. Yes, agreed Marriege is her personal life, but she shows more interest when Modi marital issue comes out, she was conductiing program and defaming Modi on his marital status.

    Admin writes:
    You employ abusive language, like you political idol. Hence, I have deleted the part of your last sentence.
    Please remember not to use such unbecoming, un-gentlemanly language on this blog. Also know that neither Barkha Dutt or any other journalist of national reputation has ever used such crude language either against your idol (even when he presided over the state-sponsored massacre in 2002) or any other person – big or small.
    Hence, it would do a world of good to you and to your political heroes if you used civilised language.

  19. You speak of bias, but your comment seems to emerge from that very sickness.
    Any lawyer is free to write to any one – not just the one you have mentioned (wasn’t that breaking of the name of the lawyer deliberate to avoid getting into trouble?
    Is only Barkha Dutt close to politicians? Aren’t any other politicians even closer to Congress and BJP or other party politicians? What about Suhasini Haider? And M. J. Akbar – the shameless way he and Madhu Kishwar joined Modi-bandwagon! So why only attack Barkha?
    Every since her name appeared in Nira Radia tapes, i lost all my respect for her…she should have been ripped off from padma shri then and there…I don’t want to go too far but to my understanding even very prominent lawer Ramjeth Malani wrote to Chidamram about the tax evasions of NDTV upto 5000 crores ( and that money could have been from Corruption nothing else) but Barkha dutt’s proximity to congress is well known so she escaped.I hate her channel now and specially her insensitivity towards kashmiri hindus proves she is a bias reporter and thus has no place in journalism.

  20. she is really totally biased towards muslims and she is biggest anti hindu , . she considers anthing hindu as a communal thing , we should just boycott lady like her , its shame for our society.
    [Certain portions of this comment were unparliamentary; they have been deleted-Admin]

  21. Barkha Dutt is a number one …on news channel history. she thinks if she arrange talk show which she thinks biased and she thinks she is neutral ….. Also nidhi razdan have some these effects.

    This comment has been edited against the inappropriate content. It is enough that there is someone who does not agree with Barkha Dutt and Nidhi Razdan’s style/ content of shows. Other things in the comments are unbecoming of an educated person, and tend to show India as a land of intolerant persons. Hence all that stuff has been deleted.
    – admin

  22. Barkha is xxxxx she Married to xxxx and xxxxxx (the comment has been “masked” by Admin)
    Gentleman, you are trying to post such despicable comments about your fellow human beings. It betrays your culture. When you are overcome with such emotion, please put your own family in Barkha’s (or any other human’s) position, and then comment.
    —- Admin.

  23. Barkha Dutt has a habit to make provocative statements …..
    This above comment is unfounded and not based on facts; hence I have edited the one-and-a-half sentence of your comments. If you could give me hard EVIDENCE, you will prove yourself credible. Evidence should be material and then logically argued, bereft of sentimental stuff. Anything solely based on your sentiments and emotions can’t be taken seriously. Anyone can make sentimental allegations, in the name of Indian army, bharat mata, nationalism, and the stuff. Others can also make similar statements against you and your family. Would you take them seriously? Please give hard facts and figures, argue with reason and logic. Only then can you taken seriously.

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