MJES Retiring Staff – Some Moments

13 Mar. Four professors of St Aloysius (Day) College and Evening College retired this academic year. Mangalore Jesuit Educational Society (R) organised a program to bid them farewell and place on record their service.

All the retiring professors with the Directors of Works - Prncipals and Directors of MJES
S S Bosco famous for his maths text books and tuitions also retired
Mass Communication students cover this program for their Weekly TV News bulletin (which is aired by V4Media - local TV News channel)
The staff of various Institutions of MJES comprised the Crowd of the day
Dr Hareesh Joshy - of the 19 varieties of frog-discoveries and also Vermitechnology fame
Like Dr Joshy and Krishnamurthy, Dr Pushpavathi also was grateful and pleasant on the dais while responding to the Management's farewell
Fr Rector feliciated Dr Pushpavathi who was sentimental about leaving the College on superannuation
Dr Pushpavathi with her husband
Rector honoring S S Bosco
Crowd - another scene
lights never fading - The retiring staff with the Management Representative (including principals of various institutions)


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