Mass Communication for All – Teaching Video Camera to ABH Students

17 April. Our first year Mass Communication and Media Studies students are not only about bookish studies. They are socially conscious and concerned. Earlier it was Mundgod. Now it is Aloysian Boys Home – the less fortunate children! presently the junior student of MCMS (mass communication and media studies) spent a day with these kids to teach them video camera. The students post graduate students of mass communication have shown remarkable social concern. In return, the ABH students evinced keen interest in picking up these skills!

A boy from Aloysian Boys Home

A house mother also joins the kids in learning - so that she may continue to teach the students!
Marvin from ABH tries his hand at handling Sony camera!
MCMS student Patterson -with Abhishek, Yathin, and Linta- teaching the kids at ABH how to use video camera!
This time, it is Supreeth from ABH - successfully tried his hand and hand-held camera!


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