Break-Fast of Baba Ramdev

05 June. It’s breakfast time for Baba Ramdev. The saffron yoga guru -with a political party Swabhiman Bharat- who was holding a fast in Delhi to press for his many demands, including capital punishment for the corrupt, and was sour for not to including him in the Lokpal Bil drafting committee, was forced to break its fast midnight (1.00 a.m. 05 June) by the Delhi police.

There was chaos in the delhi’s ramlila grounds, where police entered & evicted baba and his followers, lathicharging, creating utter chaos.
Though the lathicharge and teargas shells were unfortunate on the people, it was inevitable because the way ramdev held a government ransom in the name of battle against corruption.
His ambitions were clear: political. He has launched a party Swabhiman Bharat. He wants to field a candidate in 2014 Parliamentary elections. He has aligned with the saffron brigade – the sangh family – which is religious! He owns an empire worth over Rs. 25,000 crore! Seemingly from teaching yoga!? He flies to Delhi amidst massive TV coverage and fanfare, in his private jets, puts up five-star tents with air-conditioners! All for Democracy and to help common people!

With this, you cannot call his fast genuine. It’s definitely not secular. When the civil society fasted, the baba was not there to support except to talk. When the corrupt UPA govt was forced to yield to the civil society’s demands, the baba spewed venom against the civil society members for not including him in the committee!
This is all for a man who claims to have conquered his senses with his yoga. Who claims his battle is for clean democracy – aligning with notorious groups and sharing dais with such people! Hence, there is disillusion with this man.
Fight for transparency in itself is very good; I support. But not this type of masquerade!


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