The January night Raisina Hill was spooked: Two key Army units moved towards Delhi without notifying govt – Express India

4 April. Now there is some alarm. Disguised but heated debate. Not so much about ‘true investigative journalism’ or about patriotism, but about a coup! Military taking over the civilian government!
Now, that can be real bad! At least by historical evidence in other countries. And definitely by our political bosses!

I admire Indian Express for its courage and investigative spirit. Its editor-in-chief, who spends more of his time in conducting TV chat shows and giving his expert opinion than “editing” the paper, is a well known and perennial critic of the UPA government. While he has been very generous and magnanimous to communal outfits, he has forgotten the same gentleness to the communal governments’ rivals! But he has earned a good name – thanks to Prannoy Roy’s NDTV and Rajdeep’s CNN-IBN “expert-forum”.
The issue is that two units of Indian army came out of their “hiding” towards the capital of Power – which they are forbidden to – unless they pre-notify the Ministry of Defence (MoD)! They did pre-inform, but they came closer to NCR (National Capital Region).
Two units of army from two different direction – to “marry” at Delhi!!! Sounds romantic!

MoD denies it vehemently. A.K. Antony (Defence Minister) rubbishes the claim: Indian Army’s patriotism is beyond any doubt! So does the Prime Minister, and pinches the Ex-press for its alarmist reporting. BJP is BJP – sits on the fence. I mean, hunts with hound and runs with hare!
It is not impossible to have a coup in India. Not impossible. But not at all easy!
The Ex-press team consisting of its almighty Editor in Chief Gupta, the investigative journalist Ritu Sarin and Samanta attaches much importance since it happened to be 16th/17th of January. Jan. 15th was Army Day. On 16th General V.K. Singh knocked on the Supreme Court doors challenging the government’s decision to dismiss his dual claims for birth day (1950 for promotion and 1951 for retirement!). Ever since the government and the army chief have been at loggerheads. (recently the Rs. 14 crore-bribe claim by Gen. Sing)!

All these add to Express’ speculation. Many believe it wholesale. Because, the paper was known for investigative journalism. Because Shekhar Gupta is an “expert” who knows everything under the sun! Because he is the final word -like Arnab Goswamy of Times Now- on every matter of any relevance!

I do believe some parts of the story – that the two units had come in towards Delhi. But should it be only to capture power? The answers either by Ministry of Defence or by Army don’t satisfy either the press or public. Could there have been a failure on the part of the Army to PRE-inform MoD!? That for me a more reasonable question than Ex-press’ expert opinion! Or even a expert marketing gimmick.

Tonight on NDTV, he was there escaping from direct questions by Sonia Singh. “We didn’t say this” “We meant” “[those who reported-including his holy self- these are the BEST journalists!”, etc… I thought, Indian Express deserved to do more work and honest work.

<a href='The January night Raisina Hill was spooked: Two key Army units moved towards Delhi without notifying govt – Express India”>’>The January night Raisina Hill was spooked: Two key Army units moved towards Delhi without notifying govt – Express India.


5 thoughts on “The January night Raisina Hill was spooked: Two key Army units moved towards Delhi without notifying govt – Express India

  1. Laughable analysis, kinda amateurish ? hope this was a spoof writing, else extremely disappointed by depth of ur discussion buddy..

  2. Thanks all the same! I appreciate your criticism.
    If you are following the newspapers and other media houses – I am sure- you would laugh at them also! As you rightly said, mine an amateurish analysis; or not even meant to be analysis – just a commoner’s opinion. And to my great surprise, today many newspapers are saying what I said yesterday!
    I am sure you will be kind enough to read something published and also then comment back on this blog.

  3. relax buddy, ego aside, this is just discussion.

    congratulate u on your acceptance to criticism/fault, however speaking of depth of discussion again, Sorry to say, but you missed the bus again, these ideas that you mentioned has nothing new to say. Anyways, am sure the when you venture into media, you will get the true picture, wish you the best for exams.

  4. I appreciate your criticism.
    I only wish you by your name mentioned existed! An honest and courageous person would be much more accepted.

  5. …. But if my name were to reveal me identity as a Tanglish or Manglish that you have publicly declared not to appreciate much in you previous post. I rather keep my identity secluded with “broad” minded. ….
    Since this commentator has refused to share one’s identity, but wants to use this blog a platform to air one’s views, I have edited some of the comment made. I don’t appreciate anonymous comments. That is tantamount to using any medium without responsibility. And I don’t encourage it at all. Hence the scalpel. –Blog Ed.

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