Mr Anil Pinto Becomes Dr Anil Pinto

17 June. Thrilled to know of a big achievement.
Mr Anil Pinto, one of my friends and colleauges, successfully defended his Doctoral thesis in English from Gandhigram university. He researched on Self-Translations.
Mr Anil Pinto was a great support of UG Journalism department, and continues to be of our PG Mass Communication (MCMS) Department at St Aloysius College Mangalore. Any educational, academic, or student, humane initiative Dr Anil Pinto would be there!
After completing his Journalism at St Aloysius College (SAC), and M.A. English in Mangalore University, he taught English for four years at SAC (2001-04). During his time here, it was a good, vibrant department; students used to flock to his staff room, used to be interested at studies, and used to benefit much. He was also in charge of NCC, Kuvempu Distance education at SAC, and has contributed to dramatics immensely. Today, so many of the students, who have benefited from his dedication and commitment, are out there in the field, and remember him so fondly!
I felicitate and congratulate Dr Anil Joseph Pinto warmly on this great feat. I wish him all the best in his researching and publishing mission.
Presently teaching at Christ University, Bangalore, Dr Anil Pinto is known for innovative teaching methods as well as for his quest for quality education and research.


2 thoughts on “Mr Anil Pinto Becomes Dr Anil Pinto

  1. Adaab

    In my days at SAC and even after that three people associated with SAC as faculties have had great influence on me. One was A.V. Jacob who passed away recently, the other two being Richard Rego and Anil Pinto. My association with Anil Pinto began when i was in first year and with Jacob sir while i was in second year and Rego sir when i was in my final year. I owe a lot to the these three teachers of mine.

    Anil shaped and reshaped my mind and thoughts very much. He not just introduced me to writers like Albert Camus, Herman Hesse, Hayden White he also discussed M.N. Roy, Kuvempu, V.M. Tarkunde, Buddha, which has expanded my horizon. I was not his student if the formal class-room structure is taken as a prerequisit to be a student. But i take great pride in saying that i am a student of Anil Pinto for i learnt a lot and still continue to learn a lot from him.

    I keep meeting his students everywhere. Everyone has great regards for him and everyone say how they were enriched by his classes. The best part of Anil, as one of his Christ students said, has been that he does not give you the fish from his plate. He teaches you how to fish.

    Last night while conversing with him he said, quoting Kakkar, that the compliments and admiration of students need not be taken seriously. But he said that compliments and admiration by colleagues are the real indicators of one’s excellence. Your blog post is an indicator. My response- of the non-student student- must add to it. Congrats Anil. Cheers.

    In harmony,

    Samvartha ‘Sahil’

  2. Thank you Samvartha, I an complete resonance with you. And I appreciate your admiration and respect for Dr Anil Pinto.

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