From Gujarat to Karnataka to India

18 July. There is a false hope that if Gujarat chief minister narendra modi’s prime ministerial ambitions are realised, the country will go -as claimed by Modi’s American PR -propaganda- the Gujarat way!

Two days ago, an innocuous website, was taken offline due to irrational pressure for caricaturing modi (by simple ‘escape’ movement for his ‘detailed plans’, when you moved your cursor).  Seeing that, I could smile at the designer’s creativity. The website did not do anything wrong, libelous, defamatory, or anything in bad taste; but it ‘terribly’ hurt modi and his fan-following.

If an innocuous website with saw 60,000 hits in 20 hours, had to be forced shut, imagine what would happen in the unfortunate event of modi occupying PM’s chair?

This raises very serious questions: Does modi know how to listen to people’s voices? Do people also, like his minions, have a right to speak and voice their opinion? Does modi-group respect our fundamental rights to free speech and expression? If our elected representatives and public figures expect credit and praise from their voters, the voters also have a right to criticise their representatives, especially those who live on public trust and taxes.

If you have forgotten: modi was handed (rather, almost snatched) the reigns of Gujarat  in September 2001, because he snubbed the then prime minister vajapayee and deputy prime minister l.k. advani, ‘either fully in-charge of Gujarat, or not at all,’ he had said, when he was made deputy chief minister to his predecessor, to assist him in improving law and order.

After that we know what happened. About 58 kar sevaks died mysteriously in a train in Godhra on 27 February 2001, a figure yet to be verified and an incident yet . It was followed by the notorious ‘allow the Hindus to vent their anger’ command in 2002 February, which killed around 2000 Muslims, nearly 250 Hindus, and many more missing.

Ever since, Gujarat has been terrorised for minorities and vulnerable. Those found uncomfortable and inconvenient to the administration have been eliminated in fake encounters or denied a decent and fearless living.

In Karnataka, B.S. Yeddyurappa of the the-BJP (who came to power by polarising civilians along religious lines by attacking Muslims and Christians at different times) took Gujarat as his model state. And the experiment of targeting minorities worked for his political power. But finally, the noose tightened around his neck! He himself was booted out of the BJP, following numerous corruption cases and scams.

Worst was the way youth and women were attacked in Karnataka: Karnataka, especially Mangalore was Talibanised during the BJP regime in Karnataka; youth and girls were beaten up in pubs and hotels and even in private homes – all in the name of Hindu culture!

Isn’t it a great achievement of the BJP after coming to power? Suppression of human rights!

Now, once again, as clamour for central power reaches a feverish pitch, and the ‘narendramodiplans’ website controversy’ refuses to die down, we are left with the same problem – what awaits us!


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