Modi’s Foreign Publicity Firms and Foreign Direct Interest

16 July. Quality does not matter. That’s it!

Ultimately it comes down to packaging and selling.

If any doubt, ask narendra modi, who has been occupying  the Gujarat chief minister’s chair since 07 October 2001!

You might point out to me his claimed achievements, his ‘vibrant gujarat’, his ‘development’, etc.

Mind you, they are not his; neither are for real; they are of a PR agency called APCO Worldwide’s! A United States of America’s Internet Marketing and PR Company. The Arnold & Proctor’s subsidiary, a huge multinational in law and PR techniques has been serving the RSS’ leader and gujarat’s politician in his image make-over.

Hired in 2007  in the run up to the Assembly elections to change his image of the 2002 Gujarat carnage supporter and protector, the videshi firm was paid $25,000 a month (which now is at a whopping $40,000 a month!)! That is FDI according to Modi! And neither modi nor the U.S. PR and strategic communications giant want to divorce each other. Understandable, the commercial firms would love every bit of money from any potential customer. But what about those blowing the Swadeshi, Bharat, Hindustand, Vibrant Gujarat trumpet?  Well, even that is taken care of by the publicity firms, not by governance: just attack, and get your goons to attack everybody else! People will keep quiet! That seems to be the message of spin doctors; and that is what the perpetual-aspirant to the PM’s chair does!

And who pays for all this? No marks for guessing: You and I! Efforts of the RTI activists and transparency seekers to get the details of his publicity expenditure have been doggedly stonewalled by the modi’s administration, denying access to any accountability and transparency about his public life and taxpayers’ money.

Some modi-fans might argue that it is a  ‘marketing’ strategy, what is wrong in it? Sure! It is a marketing strategy at whose cost? Why is the party accusing everybody else of corruption and scams, but denies access to the expenses of how  taxpayers’ money is spent? It has turned out be that modi has marketed only himself for power, and not for Gujarat! Ultimately, all the lies (of 15,000 Gujarati’s saved in a “ranbow act” in Uttarkhand floods, of Vibrant Gujarat, of Development, of pro-people, etc) propagated by his PR machinery are a bunch of lies! When thousands of malnoursihed girls in Gujarat are crying for food, he terms (in typical Sangh-style) ‘girls are beauty-conscious; they refuse to drink milk!); when millions of Gujaratis plead for water, he says it is ‘opposition propaganda’! When Gujarat’s administration is accused of killing its own helpless people and minorities in fake encounters, he says, they are terrorists; when he is accused of intolerance towards minorities and reminded of Gujarat-holocaust, he says he is a ‘Hindu nationalist’!

Do you expect a profit monger and privatisation-champion among the ‘swadeshi’ goons to champion the  development of all? Do  you expect tea vendors to administer good, just governance to millions of hapless consumers? Or, do you expect a patriarchal, past-obsessed, god-father of profiteering corporates to be pro-development, pro-women, pro-dalits and pro-poor, for equality?

If your answer in the assertive, think again!

If, unfortunately, one day he changes his perpetual-PM-in waiting image (like L K Advani) to actually occupy that undeserving chain, India might have its first Ad-PM, a product of media-hegemony and media creation: FAKUimage! For media researchers, it would be a case in point of how hollow but successful propaganda can impose a dictator on a democracy! Think again; think of the innocuous repression!

If you want more information, here are only a few links:


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