Shakespeare and Family in Love-2

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01 August. Here is the second episode of the Stratford life – my Shakespeare in Love. The photographs begin with Shakespeare’s birthplace. Then to the Nash’s House & the New Place (his grand-daughter’s husband Thomas Nash’s place; a big, huge house; a lot of it dug for historical evidence; but still underground.) The massive, attractive garden behind the Nash House completes this episode.

This photo-episode stops with two photos of Strtaford Council’s facade & road. That will lead us to Holy Trinity Church, where Shakespeare was baptised and -later- also buried. There is so much to come.


:- Shakespeare’s Birthplace: a street-view


: Shakespeare’s Birthplace: The house from outside


  –: Shakespeare’s BirthplaceNash House & the New Place: stone plaque at their fire-place showing the year 1616. WC is Warwick Council/ Corporation


  –: Shakespeare’s Birthplace: The stool in the Nash House. Did -by any chance- Shakespeare rest his “seat” on here? Well, there are some black marks on it! (That’s the guide’s joke, anyway!)


  –: Shakespeare’s Birthplace: Nash House: the upper floor exhibition of costumes used in Shakespeare. Kids try them.

Below are some of his plays in painting/ in arts other than plays! –>


A few more things about our friend and guide of all time!


The Garden photos (above & below) behind Nash House & the New Place:


Below are a few pictures of Shakespearean plays in metal:


Shakespeare in architecture:-


The Guild chapel is just outside the Nash House & the New Place. It is still a Methodist, living chapel, dated back to the 13th century:-


Street in front of the Stratford-upon-Avon district council:



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