Discovering Belfast


03 Aug. Our discovery of Belfast, capital of Northern Ireland started in all earnest! The Cathedral Town, always at loggerheads with London!

Yesterday, we made it a point to go around – City Centre where we saw the Titanic Shipwreck victim’s list, respectfully maintained, and a memorial for them. Then to the Botanic, Botanical Garden, and the Ulster Museum which is in the centre of the Botanical Garden. It’s absolutely lovely!

The Protestant Cathedral at Water Works, Antrium Road:


Another Cathedral – the walls tell us how old it can be:


At the entrance of the City Hall, where the council offices are located. The City Hall also houses memorials for the people who died in 15 April 1912 Titanic tragedy, as well as in world wars. Nearby is the famous George’s Market.


The 1500 names of those who lost their lives in the Titanic tragedy: (see are only a few of those, in alphabetical order):


inside the City Hall:


The Opera House, en route to the Botanic:


The Glass House at the Botanical Garden:


At the entrance of the Ulster University. Observe carefully the bust: an illusion of a mirror-image of the bust could be noticed. But it’s only an illusion. If you go closer, there is nothing! There is no glass or flat surface to mirror it, at all!



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