Walls of Belfast – Northern Ireland

Something in parables!

05 Aug. Have you heard of the two tribes of Belfast? Or, Walls of Belfast? Well, there are. That is the unpleasant side of Belfast and other cities of Northern Ireland. Derry is one of those most affected by these challenges.

Let me call one tribe P, the other C (you may substitute U and N, if you so desire!)

Thanks to Terry, who took us around the city of Belfast – where every facility is duplicated – School for P tribe, School for C tribe next door, Park for P tribe, Park for C, one health clinic/ GP for P, another for C beside it, etc.


Here, you see green barricades/ walls in C areas, blue barricades in P areas! Even prison walls can’t be so high!


And then a ‘door closed’ sign, followed by a small gate only for the members of its tribe to enter!


And a memorial site by C for C victims and by P for its P victim!


There is Bombay Street, a stronghold of C, against the neighbourhood of P!


Trail of victims of ‘tribal violence’ since 1916 (most of the above snaps)


Flags don’t have much to do with nationalism, but to do with claiming territories!



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