Watching Shakespeare’s Macbeth in his Globe Theatre, London

09 Aug. It was another dream come true for me. Have been always wanting to watch Shakespeare’s plays performed by Shakespeare societies.Image

London: Shakespeare’s Globe theatre – the replica


London’s ‘the original theatre’ place:


Last week, it was in his birthplace, Stratford-upon-Avon. His Hamlet. Today it was Macbeth, another legendary play! 

What more, I watched it at the Shakespeare’s Globe theatre London, (close to) where Imagehe had his plays performed over 400 years ago!

I loved it. Should I repeat? Would never be tired of!

After the play, I ensured that I spoke to the Theatre people to find out more about this theatre. Was it the original Shakespeare theatre? No, this is not the original; this is the replica of the original.

Then, where is the original place where he performed his plays 400 years ago?

Close-by. Just two hundred yards away!

Pat! I, with my friends, rushed to that place – on Park Street. Voila! There it is. Unfortunately, the threatre are private apartments; no entry! But outside on the gates, his memory is preserved with his pictures and plaques, and banners and whatever, you call it! Image

For me, it was ImageImageImageImageImage emotional moment!



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