Pilgrimage to La Storta and Chiesa Gesu

05 Sept. La Storta and Gesu Church evoke much reverence and awe in any Jesuit. So did it in this one’s.

I set out today with some instructions from Justin Tirkey. From Sassia (behind the Jesuit Curia) to San Pietro to Lastorta. On the way met a Franciscan for edification.

From La Storta station is hardly 250-300 meters distance, soon after Radiologia (radiology clinic). If you look up to your right you find a big Franciscan Cathedral on a small hilltop.


At the junction you find a pink-painted very small building – piccolo cappella. There is absolutely no sign to say it is historic sight of massive significance to the Jesuits.


When I reached fortunately the small wayside chapel was open. 


A few men and women were sitting and chatting outside the Chapel .


The chapel itself did not look like a chapel. But when you enter that Chapel the feeling is inexplicable! It carries the heritage of half-a-millennium! It carries the seeds of the Society!


The lamp on the left wall lights these memorable words – “I will be propitious to you in Rome!


And a painting of St Ignatius on the wall, with a halo round his head, and hands folded in prayer.


The emblem


the painting of Mother Mary


The rather faded-looking painting of the La Storta Vision of Ignatius on the wall-tiles: Father placing the Pilgrim (St Ignatius of Loyola) with Jesus carrying His Cross!

It evokes such powerful “memories”! Honours to Ignatius of Loyola!Image


I found this painting in the Franciscan Church: Father placing St Ignatius with Jesus carrying his Cross!


–>This is the view of the Cathedral (Parocchia Sacri Cuori de Gesu e Maria) when you look up from near the La Storta Chapel


–> A closer view of the Franciscan Church de Gesu e Maria.


paintings inside the Franciscan Church


I was sweetly surprised to see a number of Jesuit (saints by today’s honour) painted with Mother Mary!



Of these Saints, St Ignatius seemed to have a special place even in these painting!




From La Storta, I visited (returned to) the Church of the Gesu, in Rome.
Gesu, as popularly known among the Jesuits, is in Piazza del Gesu, in Rome, close to Largo di Torre Argentina/ Argentina Tower (where Julius Ceasar seemed to have been murdered). It is the same original chapel, where St Ignatius had offered his prayer after his conversion – the Chapel of Maria della Strada.

Church of the Gesu, Rome
Church of the Gesu, Rome

After the founding of the Society of Jesus, St Ignatius seemed to have commissioned this Church, which became a very popular model for other Jesuit churches around the world, for its baroque architecture.
Gesu (3)
For this Chruch to paint, Leonardo da Vinci seemed to have offered his free help. Finally Pope Alexander got two of his own painters! That is Pope Julius-II.

Gesu (5)

Gesu (6)

Gesu (7)

Gesu (9)

Gesu (12)

Gesu (13)

Gesu (15)

Gesu (16)

Gesu (17)

Gesu (18)

Gesu (20)

Gesu (21)

Gesu (22)

Gesu (24)

Gesu (26)

Gesu (27)

Gesu (28)

Gesu (30)

Gesu (32)

Gesu (33)

Gesu (34)

Gesu (36)

Gesu (37)

Gesu (38)

Gesu (40)

Gesu (41)

Gesu (44)

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