Karnataka minister, staff save 6 from sinking car

18 Sept. I liked this news piece – an active politician and a minister in my state of Karnataka (Bangalore), India jumps into a lake to save a family from drowning! 

The news story has been carried by many newspapers, websites and tv channels. But I like to post it here since this act of heroism speaks so much of humane-ness, especially from the political class of India. I only wish that many other ministers and leaders also leap into the unknown to save others’ lives!

Kimmane Ratnakar with the saved family

Kimmane Ratnakar with the saved family

Bangalore: A 61-year-old Karnataka minister of Karnataka jumped into a lake along with his guards to save a family of six trapped in a sinking car.

Kimmane Ratnakar, minister of secondary education, was traveling to Bangalore from his native town of Thirthahalli when he spotted the car in the lake and ordered his convoy to stop.

Kimmane, his gunman Halswamy, driver Chandrashekar and escort vehicle driver Krishnamurthy jumped into the water. The four men swam to the sinking car, whose trapped occupants were flailing their hands from the windows.

Chandrashekar opened a rear door and the minister pulled out three children with the help of his men and brought them safely to the shore. The four then returned to the car, which had by now settled on the lake’s shallow bed, and rescued three others, including a 55-year-old woman. The man in the driver’s seat by then was unconscious.

The minister called a doctor who treated Uday Kumar, 40, and his family members. The minister also arranged breakfast and medicines for the family. He also gave Kumar his clothes before resuming his journey.

Kumar, a native of Bhadravathi and owner of an electrical goods shop, was driving back from Karkala, his wife’s native place. He told The Times of India that it was a “rebirth” for his family because of the minister.

He said the car plunged into the lake after its steering got locked while negotiating a bend.

The minister congratulated his men for saving the family. “They made a big difference to the lives of the six people in the car,” said Karnataka’s new hero.


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