Reserve Bank of India Calls Modi’s Bluff, Fake “Development”

27 Sept. It was always known. But India’s ‘Prime Minister-in-waiting’ (like the now-disappointed L. K. Advani) refused to accept; in stead, he started crying even louder; even hiring American Public Relations agencies and spending millions of rupees to bluff the masses and employing every media and social media channel. When literate and critical observers started calling his bluff (remember the Kedarnath ‘fake Rambo-act’ from which was his own party distanced itself from his claims?) his goons started attacking them – physically. That’s India democracy for you! Intolerant and ego-massaging.

For example, when malnourished female babies in Gujarat were shown to Narendra Modi (the ambitious Prime Minister in waiting), he said that girls are beauty conscious; they hence don’t drink milk, therefore they are malnourished! When millions agitators showed him how he evacuated millions of tribals and poor people but has failed to rehabilitate them, he gagged them with his authoritarianism. He called it the Congress (opposition) propaganda! Ohh! The man has a gift of the gab!

Now The Reserve Bank of India’s (what Europeans/ Americans know as The Central Bank) Governor Raghuram Rajan has made it very clear – Modi’s ‘Gujarat Development Model’ is a bluff to the core. Gujarat ranks 13th in the list of Indian states on development indicator!

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Raghuram Rajan has called Modi’s ‘Gujarat model of growth’ a bluff

by G Pramod Kumar

So whether the likes of Jagdish Bhagwati, Arvind Panagariya and hundreds of  their parrots like it or not, the Raghuram Rajan committee has called the Narendra Modi bluff. Kerala model is no Gujarat model at all. Kerala model is simply the Kerala model and the best Gujarat model under Modi’s two terms can do is only lag way behind. In fact, at position number 12. In fact the Rajan committee didn’t surprise anybody – Kerala, Tamil Nadu and Goa have been working at it for year. For 


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