The 23 Things for Research – Thing 3

04 Oct. I have been actively using the social media for the last eight years – from the peak-Orkut days. Then I was attracted to blogging. I started two blogs on (blogspot) in 2005. Later I found blogspot was a bit kiddish stuff, a bit difficult to update and customise. I switched over to wordpress; and I continue to be with wordpress for the last six-plus years. 

On wordpress I have three blogs: 1. (personal blog which covers almost every aspect of society and personal life – specially focusing on media and society)

2. (more for my former college – a formal news update blog)

and 3. a backup for my personal blog.

This time I found this: an attractive offer from the University of Oxford: 23 Things for Research for Michelmas Term.

I do use blogs, facebook, twitter, scribble, tumblr, linkedin, etc. But I hope to use this opportunity to know a bit more about social media for research purpose. To share my ideas and research initiatives with a community of researchers, and also network with and learn from them.

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