Thing 5 2013: 23 Things for Research

15 Oct. I realise I am left behind by a few of my co-bloggers. That is not the best thing to happen. 

Now something about Thing 5 on 23 Things for Research: I started exploring my fellow-bloggers’ blogs. Wow! Almost all of us are in the same boat! Though I could do with some filmy stuff!? After all I do watch a few films these days. Planning to watch one tonight – Bodyguards and Assassins, before Joe Munitiz returns from his holidays (I have to return the DVD to him!)

In the meantime, I have stopped watching The West Wing for sometime now. 

For the non-initiated, The West Wing is a mega-(TV) serial of yester-years. One of the best ones, they say. A few say even better than The Wire. That’s why I borrowed it; Una was very kind to me. 

After shifting from Birmingham, I started watching it with passion. Casting is perfect, I thought. So is everyone’s acting – can’t mention one over the other. The first season (with 22 episodes) was brilliant. And I was watching it almost-non-stop – continuously. Then it got the better of me: found acting took the backseat, and dialogues (which are ever-brilliant) led the way. They stole the show. And that is not what I want an audio-visual medium to be. A visual  mass medium like television should have a lot more acting.

To check my bias against television, I tried something new: consumed The West Wing like radio: closed my eyes and “watched”, “watched” it while doing other works; ‘watched’ it sleeping! It was perfectly fine! Felt like radio. 

Then I said, I need a break from The West Wing, at least for some time. I may return sometime later. 

For now, I have completed watching three seasons; four more are waiting! A mammoth 154 episodes, altogether!

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