Losing One Hour

27 Oct. Today (on 27th October midnight), Britain loses one hour. Clocks in the United Kingdom start “moving” an hour slower than usual. What was 10pm till yesterday (26th), will be 9pm from today (27th). That is the end of British Summer Time (BST). We will run an hour slower till the end of spring (“spring forward” and “fall back” by one hour, as some remember it!), now on.

According to me it serves no purpose except for an exercise twice a year; and -as usual- I could be wrong – sure there would be some wisdom in it that does not catch my imagination. Eternal_clock
If at all clocks have to move an hour in Fall, why don’t they don’t they move faster to match the shorter days in Fall and Winter, and not move slower? Imagine we experience sunset at 3 or 3.30pm and put on streetlights at 2.30pm with this new time! And in contrast, you “spring forward” an hour to the already long days in summer – and can see the sun even at 9.30pm!

In stead, I wonder, why can’t we keep the clocks faster by an hour now – so that when it is dark, the earliest it would be is around 5.30pm, and not 3.30pm. And you wake up in mornings accordingly. Similarly, in Summer Time, you sleep when the sun is already set, and not when it is still shining (as it happens now).

Even as I write this the clocks have started moving slowly. At 1.00 am, my Cellphone and wrist watch showed me exactly 1.00 am; but after 15 minutes, when my wrist watch showed me 1.15am, the cell was still showing 1.00 am! That was what I wanted to witness – how do the clocks “slow down”! Now I know, they just stop them for an hour!

Is anybody “listening”, there?

[Well, on the other hand, Britain is not the only country which changes its clocks; Europe does it! The United States do it next week! And we follow the leader!]

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