Sortify to Create Social Stories

28 Oct. I return from an Engage seminar ‘Tracking Your Impact’ on how to track our research impact, how to enhance our research impact, how to use that impact for further research funding, etc. That was at Oxford IT Centre. 

And here it is on 23 Things for Research blog! Like the seminar, the blog is also speaking about ‘Sortify’ to create our social stories, and using other tools in our research. 

The seminar was a bit hi-fi! She (Catherine?) was speaking about her wonderful research with various funding agencies and use of various tools like Webometric, google analytics, histpop, twitter, facebook, etc. Too many of them for an hour’s seminar. But the picture she presented was quite an impressive, “nudge” anyone interested into using it.

Now that the bodleian blog also takes up this issue, it should not be too difficult.

Sortify – a platform to combine various media on a common topic. Just like or – they all aggregate stories around a topic. 

[When Mr John Thomas, a friend and well-wisher of mine, launched his – journucopia, I was wondering how he managed to do it. Now I know it!]

In the next few days I will be on it! To create my own stories. 

Here are the links – both for myself and for you:

(I must concede Liz has really changed gears and left me far behind after the 23/10/2013 Thing 5 to 28/10/2013 Thing 8. But I will catch up before I start for Wales on Thursday).


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