Take a Break

31 Oct. Oh, that’s not what I had thought of – a mid-term break! Not when I booked this all-important programme in Wales! I am already on my way to Wales, and will be back after ten days. 

That means, I will miss so many good things here! Besides Catherine’s lectures and the usual, insightful seminars and talks and screenings and discussions, I will miss the 23 Things for Research. Liz has already jumped from Thing 6 to Thing 9, leaving many gasping for breath. Twitter, RSS feeds and Storify. Twitter and RSS are not new to me – not for the last 5-6 years. But working on Storify or paper.li and such other aggregators is. And now the coming week makes it still more challenging. Hopefully I will catch up with most of it upon my return. 

In the meantime, I have something very important in Wales waiting for me. Probably most of you would not be able to guess it! Never mind, you will learn about that when I am back!

Till then, good bye!


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