Thing 7 – 23 Things for Research

15 Nov. Now I am trying to catch up with Bodleian blogs of the University of Oxford. The last few days have been taxing, besides a long break in Wales. 

First thing of Thing 7 I did was to look for #conferences. Yea, there are quite a few conferences! It’s a good way to keep a tab on things of interest! But could not find much interesting stuff on  #Guardian Higher Education chats on a Friday! “No,” they said!  But results for #phdchats were not bad at all, even when it’s not a Wednesday!

TweetDesk and Hootsuite (Social Media Management) – they expect you to create accounts on their site! Too many accounts! I will need an accountant to keep an account of these online accounts!

But no doubt Twitter can be a useful tool in research; with conference chats, research follow-ups and related updates and set ups, it can be  a useful tool!

I find these links useful in research, too:
Twitter for Academia
Guardian: How Twitter will revolutionise academic research and teaching
From the LSE: A guide to using Twitter in university research, teaching, and impact activities & LSE -Twitter_Guide_Sept_2011

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