Thing 10, Thing 11, and Thing 12 of 23 Things for Research

20 Nov. Thing 10: Facebook: I have been “using” Facebook since 2007, though became an active user only in 2009. Currently my purpose of using FB is to “keep in touch,”  more in private than in public. Sometimes I also use it for publicity of some public and good causes. And rarely, to share my own experiences and photographs.

In the last one year or so, I have become a bit suspicious of Facebook, its usage, and policies. Hence I have shied away from FB, a lot. In fact I have deleted most of the photographs I had posted on it (though it’s not been fully effective!)

But one thing: I visit FB nearly regularly, to keep myself updated; get many updates of my interest – on various news, media, politic, research related topics, and benefit from it! That’s  a great thing about FB in the recent past!

Thing 11 and Thing 12: LinkedIn and

I came across LinkedIn four years ago and instantly found it useful – something serious and professional to connect with. I still keep connecting with people of interest to me, and others who find me to their interest do the same! It has featured me well too – both in terms of professional network and featuring me in socialmention. And… I get so many recommendations, even when I don’t want them! That’s kind of them, isn’t it?

My familiarity with started after my coming to the UK a year ago. It is a useful platform specially for those interested in research and academics. One problem: either the site does not offer enough options to customise our postings (very limited settings), profile or papers, or I have not succeeded in tapping the resources!

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