Thing 16 – 23 Things for Research: Presentation and Sharing Online

Thing 16: Sharing Research Online – on Bodleian blogs for University of Oxford

Last year Peter and Paul were talking about Prezi as a better alternative to powerpoint presentations. That was some table-talk. I too had given a try; but had given it quickly, since it was an online presentation too, and not machine-resident. This time because of 23 Things, I gave another try. Ned Potter’s Prezi seems good like powerpoint or keynote, even better going by I tried that, too. But finally, I felt it should not go ahead with it since for most part of my life in a country where you not sure of getting internet or not sure of a good bandwidth! I opted for certainty of presentation rather than novelty of presentation! May be, I will continue to use simple powerpoint presentations for my purposes.

And yeah! Ppt should be only to focus listeners’ attention, and not distract them with too much of reading. Ideally, a ppt should not have more than seven words per slide! That underlines the use of brevity on ppt slides, and importance of the speaker and his/ her mastery over the subject. Slides should neither overshadow nor compete with the speaker! Here is a demo – you would enjoy it:

I loved the demo InforgraphicsMadeEasy.pdf on

Another presentation tool -speakerdeck- is good too:


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