Thing 18: Using Creative Commons and other copyright ‘need-to-know’ issues

Thanks to my adventures with Radio SARANG in Mangalore, Creative Commons is rather familiar to me. But I had not ventured into its licenses and attribution so far (, which I did today with the help of 23 Things for Research of the Bodleian Libraries’ blog! (Now my blog and flickr images are under CC licences!)

Another very useful resource is Open Access on Radcliffe Science Library ( Many of those unable to pay huge amounts for research articles, can still benefit a bit from this.


(photo credit: Nele van Hout)  

As for a flickr images to use? Ufff… I could share my images. But it’s been tough to use them on my blog directly (without downloading). May be it is determined to use my password only through its api (I mean it refuses to accept my blog credentials on! ‘incorrect password’ it says!) and prompts a ‘save’ on http://your-blog.url/xmlrpc.php


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